Yusk Imai was born in the Chicago, Illinois., 1983, in a Japanese descendent family. At the age of 6 months, his family migrated to São Paulo, where he still lives. Influenced by the French artist Eroné, Yusk started experimenting techniques using different types of paint on wood. 


Yusk has always combined his work on canvas and wood with painting in the streets of São Paulo. Experimenting with callygraphic and Japanese symbols, texsts and figueres, his work shows a diverse amount of styles both in and outdoors. In 2006, a gallery owner saw Yusk's fotolog and fell in love with his work and invited him for an exhibition. Since then his work has been shown in galleries in all over the world. 


The world created by the artist, shows influences from mangas, comics, Dali, Ernst and Miró. Yusk fills spaces with different styles of texture, slightly deformed human figures, and overlays of decorative friezes. His work was many times compared to the Austrian art nouveau artist, Gustav Klimt, who ended up becoming Yusk's idol.