Ratur (Arthur Maslard)

Ratur (Arthur Maslard) was born in Le Havre, France in 1983.
Growing up he always felt a sense of closeness to nature, a connection that has been the driving force behind his work. At a young age, Ratur began channelling his creativity through drawing and graffiti. Upon finishing his training in graphic design, he turned his focus to canvas and murals.
Sometimes realized with the help of his brother Oscar (Sckaro), his murals depict dynamic staging of bodies and faces whose hyperrealism is amplified by his singular use of colors and brush strokes. His fascination with natural light lends to the sense of reality in his paintings.
On canvas, his extreme attention to details can be found in the drapery work, as well as in the flesh and skin tones. Through the use of Flemish techniques and pastel colors, Ratur follows in the footsteps of Hungarian painter Istvan Sandorfi.
The juxtaposition of classical still life themes mixed with abstract shapes is certainly derived from his training as a graphic designer. Ratur portrays humans faced with a nature in ruin, mythical figures, and symbols of perpetual rebirth. His art challenges us to think anew about nature and all of its beauty.