Savant: A Solo Exhibition by Smithe

12 November - 14 December 2022

Ryan Joseph Gallery is excited to welcome back Smithe for his upcoming solo exhibition, “Savant”. The exhibition will feature new paintings, illustrations and sculptural work. Opening reception will be Saturday, November 12th, from 5pm to 11pm. 



About Smithe:

Born in 1987, Smithe is a Mexican visual artist. With more than twenty years of trajectory, he lives in Mexico City and works in different disciplines such as illustration, graffiti, sculpture, installation, muralism and music. Even when his inspiration changes constantly, the recurrent themes in his work are existentialism, abstraction, individualism and reimagine deconstructing the human body as if it was a machine. 


Smithe is one of the most important representatives of contemporary Mexican muralism, his works can be found in private collections and has had individual and collective exhibitions in both public and private venues in Mexico, USA, Spain, France, England, Germany, Morocco, Belgium, Japan, Canada and Israel.




SAVANT arises as an exercise in which the artist represents and makes visible the incredible capacity of the brain to interpret musical information. 


The brain has approximately 100 billion neurons, these communicate through synapses that can be regenerated throughout life. Every time new knowledge is acquired, the brain is stimulated and collects the information through repeated practice. This role may be very different for SAVANT syndrome.


Musicality is the most common and probably the most striking form of SAVANT talent since its appearance is almost immediate and it is the one that most persons with signs of autism identify the most. These abilities are based on the recognition, structure configurations and essential musical rules. 


Smithe’s intention is to bring to the art world the prodigious development of these minds capturing the deconstruction and abstraction of the shapes as an interpretation of the connections that the brain generates and the color energy and contrast making a visual analogy of how our mind gets stimulated with the arrival of the first musical note.